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1 July 2012

Quite possibly the best mashed potato I have ever tasted!

best mashed potato ever
Ok it's a big call I know, but this was seriously good!

It comes from the British version of Thermomix's Everyday Cookbook.  If you don't have a thermie, just steam or boil the potatoes then mash by hand or pass through a potato ricer.

I've tweaked the recipe a little, so here is my version

750g floury potatoes, cut into 2cm cubes
500g water
1 tsp salt
100g milk/cream
1tsp vegetable stock concentrate or stock powder (see here for recipe)
40g butter

Add water to jug and place potatoes in steamer basket. Place steamer basket in to the thermie jug and cook on soft spoon at varoma temperature for 20 - 25mins or until soft. If cooking on stove top, steam or boil potatoes until well cooked.  Do not try to mash undercooked potatoes, they'll turn to glue!

When potatoes are cooked, remove the basket and drain the potatoes.  Remove the water from the jug and attach the butterfly whisk.  Place potatoes back in the jug and add the remaining ingredients.  Whisk on speed 4 for 2-10 seconds.

The kids love these! You could also add your own favours or seasoning such as roasted garlic or parmesan cheese for a change.  Enjoy :-)


Caroline said...

Hi, Just stumbled across your blog - hope you enjoy making lots of goodies in your Thermi (I've had mine for almost 1 year now.) Yes, this is exactly the way I make my mashed potato too! Caroline

Anonymous said...

have just made a delicious swede mash based on your recipe. added some chopped spring onion for last minute steaming, then some chopped italian parsley and ground mixed peppercorns. so yummo. I just love my thermomix.
thanks for your info.

Sandra Janssen said...

Hi Kirsty, Have tried a few mash recipes but they never seem to cook. Yours worked perfectly, thanks.Regards, Sandra

Ana Echevarria said...

Cooked your mashed potatoes today: they're just amazing. I'm sure my family will love the dish. Only... the link to the stck doesn't seem to work, so I just popped the commercial one in the purée. Would you please give me the right link?
Bedt wishes from Spain

Jessica said...

Stupid question- are your potatoes peeled?

Thanks, can't wait to receive my TM5 in a few weeks :)

Kirsty said...

Wow ok its been a while since I've looked at my blog, so sorry for the late replies!

Yes, the potatoes are peeled, have fun with your new thermie. The new one looks amazing :-)

And I've updated the post with the link to the stock paste on RC