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31 August 2009

Home again!

We're  back from our holiday and I'm ready to get back into my cards again!  We had a fantastic week in Queensland and were fortunate to have 8 days of perfect sunshine which was such a nice change from the gail force winds and freezing temperatures of Melbourne!

If you haven't been there and are thinking about visiting Queensland you must visit Australia Zoo...it was amazing.  It's so family friendly and well thought out and the kids had a ball.  From the mintue you walk in the door there are keepers walking around with animals for you to touch and have your photo taken with.  Our seven year old, who has watched and adored Steve Irwin since she was a tiny tot, was so excited.  Here is a little photo of Kira feeding the elephants.

Feeding the elephants

But unfortunately it's back to reality and I'm back to work tomorrow:( so for the next few hours at least, I'm going to ignore all the chores and boring stuff that I should be doing and just make some cards!

Visit again soon to check them out!


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